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Training software of edition HTML, illustration and image processing Concept-keys and put into practice Internet European center of Communication (CEC)
- Bordeaux

Perfectionnement in english
SAPAG - Bordeaux

School of the Stock Exchange
Knowledge of the political and economic international news and the financial market - Bordeaux


French equivalent to a master degree (Maîtrise) Historical Sciences - mention TB Madagascar during the colonial situation -Rennes 2

University Diploma of Technology (D.U.T., option journalism) I.U.T. B
- Bordeaux - School recognized by the Collective agreement of the journalists

Graduate degree granted 5 years after the baccalaureat (Diplôme d’Etudes Appliquées D.E.A.) in Sciences of Information and Communication
- Bordeaux 3 (Doctorate in progress)
Women through the African female newspaper (Amina)


Between Guipavas and the Guadeloupe. Online magazine Le Marque Page, #2.

African women see through the newspaper industry. Case study: Amina, Sidwaya, Fraternité Matin, Le Soleil (100 p. + annexes)

Le Monde moves. Memory of D.U.T. (80 p.)

Collaboration with work of Jacques Le Berre on the application of the typographical constraints to the telematic screen

Madagascar at the time of the colonies : Contradictions and perenniality of French colonialism Study over 120 years of La Revue des Deux Mondes and over 20 years of french press


Hossegor's book festival: presentation of Louis Mexandeau's last work : We won't see the end - A child in the war and interview with the author

Interventions with the IUT of Bordeaux: Analyse data processing : (events of September 11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo) - the image of stranger in media

Speaker with University of Bordeaux 3 - History of the media

Documentary in a professional college - management of the works and the reviews, follow-up of the pupils

Courses with University of Bordeaux 3 - Topic: Information in Black Africa - Actions of school support in African association.

Attached of Press : festival of the Five Directions of Bordeaux - Realization of files of communication,
- Organization and followed planning of the journalists Specific interventions: literary animation...

Formation for adults: I.U.F.M. Vannes Topic: Typographical constraints applied to telematic principles of writing, legibility and put on information page and communication


Ouest-France (PQR and weekly magazine), Sud-Ouest, Centre Presse, La Voix du Nord, - Journalist localier, sub-editor
Le Monde: Training courses : Foreigner, Communication
Seeks and checking of information, translation of the event in a media language adapted to the support and the public, knowledge of the typographical code and page setting, catch of photographs

Academy of Rennes: Information departmentn

Various missions in graphic industry (advertising agencies, printing works) knowledge of the code typographical and the techniques of printing works, input and composition of the texts, second reading, correction and put on page, drafting of advertising slogans.)


Tutor at senior citizen: management and accountancy

Support for humane causes: voluntary of the Red Cross for the operation Kosovo (April 1999

Stay in Togo and Benin in 1990: experiment of the community life (compliance with the rules, customs and values of other people

Participation in demonstrations in information and communication sphere: Universities of Hourtin

Cultural days, conferences on Africa

Cinema and concerts of African artists

Expositions: Dapper museum, Grand Palais, Institute of the Arab World
Topics: Antique art Egyptian, African art, Haitian painting

Photograph: practical professional at the time of reports

Sports: aqua gym

OTHERS English spoken
Driving licence
Personal vehicle